Oregon covered bridges


Oregon was once home to some 400 covered bridges in the early 1900's.   Now there exists about 52 such bridges. Many have been restored and some carry traffic on a reglar basis. A number of communities are involved in the promotion and welfare of either individual or groups of bridges in their area.   Some have created replicas of covered bridges within their cities which usually can be found in parks.

The Oregon Department of Transportation has a Guide to Covered Bridges available in the PDF format. It offers maps and direction to each of the bridges.

Each of the bridges listed on this web site were personally visited by myself and the pictures that appear were taken by me.   Many bridges are easy to locate because of signs or because they can easily been seen from along many highways.  Some however may take a little for effort to find but each and everyone is well worth visiting. The design, detail  and construction that went into each of these bridges makes each bridge unique.   That while they all share common characteristics they all bridge a sense of a 'time gone by'.   The next time you're out traveling and come across a covered bridge, take the time to stop, look at it and appreciate it.  

I have grouped a number of bridges by their location to each other other and by clicking on 'Groups of Bridges' below you can view the bridges in a general geographic area.    The 'Bridge Index' below presents a list of individual bridges which I have visited and taken photos.

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