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One thing I noticed when I moved to Florence, were the number of people on bikes.   This is not just the kids running around on their bikes, but people of all ages.   I hadn't ridden a bike in at least 12 years, but I made my first stop at the local bike shop.   After several visits and waiting for the new models to arrive I bought my bike.  That's me with my bike to the left, a Trek Navigator 100.   I admit I was a bit nervous when I first climbed onto it there in the parking lot.  But pedaling around the lot it started to come back to me.   I've heard that once you learn to ride a bike you never forget.   One ofthe several things that got me interested in getting back to biking is the fact that Florence is a good place to ride. Since then I've moved a couple of times and now settled in the Salem area.

After a few wobbly starts on riding, I've gotten pretty good at it.   Also I've added a few accessories to my bike including a water bottle & holder, a rack over the back wheel and a bag to go on it.  Thencame a mirror and finally a speedometer.  More recently I added aflashing tail light to use when I go cycling on busy streets.  Ofcourse no decent cyclist would go out riding without a helmet.  A few adjustmentsto the seat have been necessary, and suggested adjustment to the handlebars.   It took me a while to get use to the 21gears.   My last bike had 10 speeds.   

I started out slow and not going very far but as time has passed by I've increased my distance.  In 2004 I rode a distance of 380miles.   While much of my mileage was riding the streets inFlorence, I have ridden on the bike trails along the Willamette River in Eugene and in parks around Salem and the Row River Trail (2005).  For 2005  I rode 961.34 miles.   In the first five years since I bought my bike I rode 1736.31 miles (through Sep 30, 2008), whichis quite an accomplishment for me. However, I estimate that I have ridden 4,000+ miles since I purchased the bike.

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While cycling is good for your health, one has be to be careful of accidents (both off and on the bike). In Sept 2006, I was sidelined due to an accident (non-cycling) that kept me off my bike. I have had arthoscoptic knee surgery (both knees) and a lot of physical therapy. But not both knees at same time.     In October 2015 I had open heart surgery to replace the aortic valve. I had a lot of help getting myself back in shape physically and back up on my bike with help from the therapists with the Salem Hospital Cardiac Rehab gym. I completed my initial rehab and am continuing with twice a week maintenance workouts at the same gym. I couldn't be in better hands if needed and enjoying the company of others who come to the rehab gym.


The weather in Oregon during the winter can be quite nasty. But I salute all those souls who brave theelements to ride their bikes to work or just out for pleasure. So I don't have to spend so much time getting back up to speed, I purchased a 'trainer'. I've put quite a few hours on it over the years.

While Salem does have a number of streets with bike lanes and there are several area parks that offer off road biking trails, Salem is not what I would call 'bike-friendly'.There are many cyclists here and a tip of my helmet to those who ride and especially those who have to deal with the traffic and less than favorable bike lanes in certain areas. However, some improvement has been done and more coming up. Conversion of the Union Street railroad bridge over the Willamette River has been completed and allows an easier access to both sides of the riverfor both cyclists and pedestrains. Construction is underway for a 'bike/pedestrian' bridge between River Front Park and Minto Brown Island. Minto Brown Island has paved bike/hiking trails. Check out the Peter Courtney Minto Island Bridge. It will connect Minto-Brown Island Park with downtown Salem.

I enjoy each ride and all that I see at that level andspeed.   One never knows how much they miss when they drivealong in their vehicles.   It's a whole new experience.   Biking has another benefit in that it is goodexercise.   It is easier than jogging and pounding your feet on the ground, tho one may experience some muscle soreness and tenderness on your backside. 

Cycling and flat tires go together and I experienced my first flat tireSat, Sep. 17, 2005.   So that meant pushing my bike home which was 8/10th of a mile from where I was at the time.  I had expected a flat since the tire had a slow leak that wasn't a constant leak.

Since I gotten into cycling I've picked up a lot of information.   Highway 101 which runs thru Florence is also designated as the Oregon Coast Bike Route.   Especially in the summer months one can see any number of cyclers traveling down the road.   I've talked to a number of them when I saw them at the bike shop or stopped at a store in town.   Some travel this route on a yearly basis.   I've included some links of interest to cyclists and those thinking of getting into cycling. I'll be adding more as time goes by.

Check out Rails-To-Trails a convervancy that promotes transforming unused rail linesinto useful trails for bikes and other uses. There is a lot of useful information on this site.

Something many of us bikers, joggers, hikers and others don't think about is carrying indentification when we go out enjoying our sport.  There are 450,000 of us bikers, joggers and others that are injured, unconscious and without identification taken to thehospital each year.   RoadID can prevent serious delays in getting proper medical treatment.

Cycling in Oregon.

This page of links to web sites that have information on location and maps about paved bike paths and trails in Oregon.   Lots of good information if you are thinking of doing some cycling in Oregon.  Especially check out the page on the Row River Trail located at Cottage Grove on the 'Cycling in Oregon' page or click 'here'.

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