Hello and welcome. That's me at the Devil's Elbow State Park (Oregon).
In the background is the Heceta Head lighthouse. Join me for a trek to the lighthouse.

Light keeper house
The Heceta Head Lighthouse is located 11 miles north of Florence, Oregon at the Devil's Elbow State Park.  The lighthouse and light keeper houses were built in the 1890's.  Because there were no roads in the area, all men and material had to be brought into the cove by ship.   Once in the cove the material had to be moved to the lighthouse or light keeper house site.  The location where the lighthouse sits had to be blasted to provide level ground.  To reach the lighthouse and light keeper house requires a walk along a trail the ascends some 200 feet from the cove.  The trail is classified as 'gentle slope', but I leave it to you whether it is gentle or not.      This picture of the remaining light keeper house as seen from the cove.

The trail wanders through both wooded and open area. 

foggy view

Looking through the trees and
fog towards the ocean below.

The trail as it goes into
 a heavily wooded area

wooded trail
open trail

This is the portion of
the trail directly below
the light keeper's house

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updated 4/8/09