Light Keeper's House


You approach the light keeper's house from the left end of drive.  A separate entrance is state park personnel and those staying at the light keeper's house which is now a year round bed and breakfast.   In the picture to the left you see the both the house and a temporary tent structure.  The location is a popular place for marriages.  Where you see the tent is where the second light keeper's house was located.  It was determined to be in excess and sold for the unheard of price of $5.00. 
However, the successful bidder had to remove the house.


That meant tearing it down and hauling it away.   In addition to being a bed and breakfast it is also an interactive living history center. It is open for tours from Memorial Day to Labor Day.   The place is said to be haunted by a ghost.   According to records they preferred families as light keepers and at one time there was a one room school house, that served not only the children of the light keepers but surrounding residents as well.   During World War II the Army stationed 75 men in two barracks on the grounds.  As you continue your trek to the lighthouse itself you pass an outbuilding which houses a gift shop.


Further up the trail you can look back and see the light keeper house.  As you gain altitude you are provided with some spectacular views.

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updated 4/8/09