The Metolius Recreation Area
Camp Sherman

Metolius river The Metolius Recreation Area is located in central Oregon
about 10 miles west of the town of Sisters.   The recreation
area is located within the 1.6 million acre Deschutes
National Forest.    The Metolius River was designated a
National Wild and Scenic River in 1988  is shown
in the picture to the left.  The head of which is located a
short distance from an area designated as Camp Sherman.

If you don't know where The Metolius Recreation Area
and Camp Sherman are located, the map to the
right should help you.  Please note that the map
shows the location of towns in relationship
to Camp Sherman.

Distance to Camp Sherman

From:  Salem        102 Miles
From:  Eugene        99 Miles
From: Bend             39 Miles

The entire Metolius Recreation Area has a wide variety of activities
available the entire year.   Not least is the fly fishing on the
Metoluis River.   A popular spot is the Camp Sherman
Store & Fly Shop.   In addition to fly fishing one can hike,
 go bicycling, camping, picnicking and of course a lot of sightseeing.

My good friend Bill and myself spent 4 days at an RV park at Camp Sherman. 
 In addition to RV parks, there are cabins & lodges available for rent.

A couple of days of our visit the weather was less than cooperative, but we made up for it the rest of our stay.
As we are both bicyclists we took advantage of the bike trails and roads in the area.   The pictures you see
are a selection of the many which we took.    A camera is a must have item just about anywhere you visit in
the state of Oregon.

Head - Metolius River
Metolius River
Here I am standing alongside the Metolius River.   Bill and I had cycled down to the head of the river from the RV Park.
   Bill is standing adjacent to where the Metolius river bubbles out of the hillside.  From here the river starts its journey northward ending up in Lake Billy Chinook,  to the north and east from here.
trail to river
A chipmunk looking for a scrap of food by the observation area of the head of the Metolius River.   There are many such chipmunks, many seen running along the rail fence seen in the photo to the right.
The rail fence borders the trail from the parking area down to the Metolius River observation area.  


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