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Hi, this page is all about me.  My name is Harold, and that's me with my pickup at the Florence harbor parking lot.  That is the Siuslaw River in the background.   I retired in 1997 after 31 years as a postal worker.   I moved from Florence, Oregon where I made my home for just over 3 years, after spending many years in California.  But now I live in Salem, Oregon  the state capitol.   I decided it was time for a change and with friends, lots of shopping and recreation nearby I feel it was a good move.  In time my website will reflect some changes due to the move.

My computer is an iMac and have been an Apple fan for many years.   Although I know how to use a PC and did so for many years where I worked, I found Apple computers more to my liking.    I am, of course, the webmaster for The Oregon Kid site.  

In addition to computers my other major hobby is photography.  All the pictures on my web site were taken with a Nikon 4300 digital camera.   Taking pictures is the easy part, editing or changing them using Adobe Photoshop Elements take a little more work.   Sometimes you end up compromising with a photo because of the constraints of the Internet.  Photos need to reduced to a small file size so they can load quickly and easily.   So bear with me if some pictures seem a little off. 

Some of my friends have asked me 'why did I create this site'.   I have a great love for Oregon and through my website my friends, family and others can see Oregon from my perspective.   I have been fortunate enough to have traveled a lot over the years.  Many do not get the chance for one reason or another and my website and the Internet allows those to travel at the click of a mouse.

Over time some of the pages on this site will change and a few may disappear.    Occasionally a page may be unavailable for a period of time while it under goes changes.  

If you have any questions about the site or anything on the site click the 'Send me a message' link below Fill it out and click send.

Thanks for visiting, do come again.

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Updated Mar 5, 2008