Row River Trail

Row River Trail

Photo taken just north of the Mosby Creek Trail head

The Row RiverTrail is a 15.6 mile (one way) multi-use trail that accommodatesbicyclists, hikers and horses, though I think cyclists probably use itthemost.  It starts in downtown Cottage Grove and the route followsthe path of a former rail line which was started in 1902. The trail ispaved and varies from 8 to 10 feet wide.  It wasconverted to trail use and is managed by the Bureau Of Land Management.  It is pronounced 'row' as is 'cow'.  The name originatesfrom a land dispute or 'row' in the 1850's.

Row river trail


This pictureshows the Row River Trail
 crossing over Mosby Creek.


While thebeginning of the trail is in downtown Cottage Grove, the tour of thetrail begins at the Mosby Creek Trail head, some three mileseast. Here a small park has restrooms and water.   Youcan pick up a free trail brochure from the trail/park hosts.  Manyprefer to start their ride on the trail from this point.   Myfriend Bill and I started from this point.  Since the trail is onaformer railway line the grade doesn't exceed 5%. 

Thereare severalpoints at which you can access the trail.   A map of thetrail is available at the AmericanTrails web site.   Thereare restrooms, park benches and picnic tables located along thetrail.  Since the trail runs along the northerly side of DorenaLake, you are offered views that can be seen only from thetrail and plenty of places to stop and rest.   I haveincluded some pictures that I took on our rideof the Row River Trail, which I found to be an excitingexperience.

Check out Rails-To-Trails a convervancy that promotes transforming unused rail lines into useful trails
(such as the Row River Trail) for bikes and other uses. There is a lot of useful information on this site.

Dorena dam
Dorena Dam as seeen from
  Row River Rd.   The trail islocated just below and
 in the trees.

Dorena Lake and Damphotographed
from a point adjacent to the trail.

In the picture you can see a park bench which of one ofmany along the trail.
Dorena Dam

Dorena Lake
Thisphoto of Dorena Lake,
with the dam in the background
was taken from another vantage point alongthe trail

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