RowRiver Trail


It is best to plan ahead for this trail. Depending on the time of the year, as the trail is open year round, youmay want to carry plenty of water and snacks or trailmix with you .  As you near the end of the trail near Culp Creek thereis a store there where one can buy snacks and drinks.

  Dorena dam

Another picture of Dorena Dam
& lake taken from along
the trail.   There are restrooms,
park benches and picnic tables
located along the trail allowing one
to stop, sit a spell and enjoy the

Dorena Lake

While the trail is open year round one shouldtake caution when one is on thetrail during the fall
 and winter months as leaves can cause slickconditions.   Additionally storms can cause limbs to fall onthe trail from trees that are adjacent to and hanging over the trail.

The views from along the trail are
worth stopping for and seeing.

dorena lake

If you want to start from the beginning of
the trail in downtown Cottage Grove it
is located on Main Street where it intersects
Douglas Street.

You can find a 'clickable' map of the
city of Cottage Grove and for
the surrounding county area by
clicking on this link below.

Welcometo Cottage Grove.

dorena lake

There are 3 covered bridges which
are located near the trail and a short
ride off the trail to view them. 

The Mosby Creek Covered Bridge
is located just off the trail on
the right just before you cross
Mosby Creek.  It was built in
1920 and extensive restoration work
was completed in 1990.

The Currin Covered Bridge requires
a short ride off the trail after crossing
the Row River and taking Row River
Road to the left.  Built in 1925 it
was mothballed in 1987 and restored
in 1995.

The Dorena Covered Bridge is located at thesmall town of Dorena. 
 It spans the Row River was built in 1949, retired in 1973
and overhauled in 1996.


If you want aclose-up look of the trail from satellite photos go to Google Maps.   Enter'Cottage Grove, Oregon' in the search blank and clicksearch.   It will present you with a map that has CottageGrove and Dorena Lake both shown on it.  Using the map controlsand zoom in on the east side of Interstate 5 at Cottage Grove.  Asyou do look for the street name 'Mosby Creek Rd.'  Once you havelocated this street use the map controls to follow the road eastward(to the right).   As you do watch for Laying Road and JenkinsRoad where they and Mosby Creek Road come together.  Zoom in onthis intersection and once you are zoomed in as far as you can go, thenclick on the box entitled 'satellite'.   When you do you willsee the various roads, the Mosby Creek Trailhead Park and the Row RiverTrail.   You can easily follow the trail by using the mapcontrols.  You can also click on the 'hybrid' box which willoverlay the map onto the satellite photo.   The trail followsalongside Row River Road when the trail crosses that road. 

end of trail

This is the end of the Row River Trail near the town of CulpCreek.   A picnic table
and restrooms are available here so one can take a break, relax before
starting the return ride on the trail.

Check out Rails-To-Trails a convervancy that promotes transforming unused rail lines into useful trails
(such as the Row River Trail) for bikes and other uses. There is a lot of useful information on this site.

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