Silver Falls Park

Silver Falls park  is the largest state park in Oregon and is located 26 miles east of Salem.   The 8,700 acre park offers hiking, biking and horse trails, group picnic shelters, and other facilities for individuals and groups.    There is the Trail of Ten Falls, which is a 7  mile hiking trail that provides beautiful scenery and exciting views found in one area. Silver Falls

Other features of the park include a 4 mile paved bike path, and 22 miles of multi-use trails used by equestrians, hikers and mountain bikers.  Horse rentals are available from May to September.

It is a park where one can spend a few hours, a few days or even weeks enjoying.   Near the South Falls are picnic areas, spacious lawns, parking areas and rest rooms.    There are displays which gives on information on the parks history, wildlife, plant life and geology which are located in the historic South Falls Lodge.

A developed beach area along Silver Creek allows visitors to swim or just relax in the sun.    The various trails throughout the park take you from one area to another.    One  can enjoy a quiet walk and take in nature.    All that walking can give one a hunger.  There are several places where food and snacks can be obtained. 

South Falls is shown in the picture to the right.   The path down to the falls takes you around and behind the falls.   You can barely make out people on the path behind the falls.    The falls drops 177 feet to the canyon below.  

Further information on the park can be obtained at the Oregon State Parks web site.

On this and additional pages are photos I shot on two different trips to Silver Falls Park with my friend Bill.    I hope you will enjoy the photos and keep Silver Falls Park in mind when visiting Oregon.

South Falls
The picture to the left was taken from beneath the South Falls.    It is quite a spectacular sight to see.   There are lots of photo opportunities for you.    One is reminded to stay on the trails, and to take pictures and memories only.  It is unlawful to pick or dig any plant.    Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and shoes.    The trails are well maintained but can vary in their degree of rise or fall as you go along there.    Take your time and enjoy the scenery.  

 A map you can download  is available at the Oregon State Parks web site.   It shows the various trails and roads and other important points in the park.

That's a picture of me on the trail by South Falls in the picture below and to the right.   I thoroughly enjoyed my two trips to Silver Falls State Park and hope to make others insouth Falls the future.   There is simply too much to see and do.    A few hours, even one day is not enough.

On the following pages  you'll find additional pictures that I shot while at Silver Falls Park.    Speaking of pictures, be sure you bring your  camera with you.    Darkness comes early at the park because of its tall trees and deep canyons.    But the different angles of the sun during the day make each view unique.


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